Sell your car

How long does it take to sell a car?

How long it takes to sell your car depends on whether you’re selling it privately or to a dealership. At McCarthy Cars, we make the process as quick and simple as possible – it can take a matter of days.

What should I be aware of when selling my car?

Selling your car to a reputable dealer means you don’t have to face many of the risks that you might if you sell privately. We simply ask that you have all the relevant documentation to hand when you come to us.

Can you sell a car that is not in your name?

There are specific circumstances under which you can sell a car that’s not in your name. To find out what documentation you need to legally sell us a car that isn’t in your name, contact us today.

How much is my car worth?

To get an estimate of your car’s worth in minutes, use our online valuation tool. Simply enter some details and we’ll provide a price.

What documents do I need to sell my car?

In order to sell your car, you’ll need to provide the V5C registration document, valid MOT certificate, service book, and handbook. We’ll also need to see some photo identification, and a utility bill or credit card statement for proof of residence.

Can I sell my car with a private number plate?

It is possible to sell your vehicle with the private number plate if you wish to. Contact us at McCarthy Cars to find out what you need to do.

Why is an inspection needed to figure out the value of my car?

An inspection gives us the chance to verify the specification and condition of your car, and provide an accurate valuation based on this.

What happens during a vehicle inspection?

Our vehicle inspections are a visual appraisal of your model, inside and out. To find out what we look for, contact us today.

What do we do with your personal information?

At McCarthy Cars, we make every effort to ensure your personal information remains secure at all times. To find out how, give us a call today.

I want to sell my car, but I still owe money on it. Will you still buy it?

It is possible to sell your car if you owe money on it. In such cases, you will need to provide the relevant documentation from your finance company confirming their settlement figure and validity. To find out more, contact us at McCarthy Cars today.