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ULEZ – what you need to know

Residents and commuters will no doubt have heard about ULEZ – the Ultra Low Emissions Zone recently imposed by London mayor Sadiq Khan. Introduced from 8 April 2019, it’s part of an attempt to reduce the nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in the city centre.

Where is the ULEZ?

The ULEZ area currently covers the same territory as the Congestion Charge, and imposes strict penalties on diesel cars, which are largely responsible for NO2 emissions. From October 2021, however, the area will cover the entire inner London zone bounded by the North and South Circular roads. As such, those travelling into London in diesel vehicles should invest in a compliant vehicle sooner rather than later to avoid extensive costs.

Which cars are compliant?

If you’re driving a diesel car that was registered after September 2015, the vehicle is likely to be compliant – nevertheless, you should check with your local dealership to make sure. Petrol cars registered after 2005 are also likely to be compliant.

What are the charges?

Charges for entering the ULEZ area in a non-compliant vehicle must be paid in addition to the Congestion Charge. Cars, motorcycles and other vehicles under 3.5 tonnes are charged at a rate of £12.50 per day. A day in this case refers to the period from midnight to midnight – so if you enter the zone at 8pm and again at 12.30am, you will need to pay the fee twice. Weekends and public holidays are included.

Where can I find a complaint vehicle?

If you’re looking to change your vehicle to one that complies with the requirements, we at McCarthy Cars have a great selection of models to choose from. Visit us today to view our stock or discuss your requirements.