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Dog Friendly Car Rating System

Here’s a few stats for you:

  • It is estimated that there are 9 million dogs in the UK;
  • Of the 28 million households in the UK, 24% own dogs; and
  • Approx 75% of all households own cars.

That means there are a lot of dog-owners who are also car-owners.

We're a car dealer that would love to offer guidance on what cars are the most suitable for travelling with which type of dogs!

We’re here to fix that.

Certified Dog Friendly


Well, for two reasons:

  1. We are all dog lovers here at McCarthy Cars with Darwin, Badger, Squid, Poppy and Honeybear making up our family of dogs across the team; and
  2. Rob McCarthy is our resident expert and dog fanatic and he wanted to create a ‘Dog Friendly Car Rating System’ in memoriam for Koyo McCarthy, his beloved Bernese Mountain dog, who passed away on 5th February 2015 following a battle with cancer.

As a result, we are going to start featuring and rating cars for their ‘Dog Friendliness’.

That means over time when you look through our stock you will see that some of our stock will feature a Koyo Rosette (see image on right) and a size and paw rating, which will reflect our view on the ‘dog friendliness’ of that car based on what size of dog they are best suited for the car’s features.

For example, using the two scales below a Volvo V70 would receive a Koyo Rosette plus a Large Four Paws rating, indicating that, we believe, it is one of the best type of cars for this size of dog.

Dog Size Guide
Paw Rating

Ongoing dog friendliness reviews

To provide more guidance on specific models of cars, we’ll also be publishing a series of car review blog posts, with their accompanying dog friendliness rating and some notes on how we came to that rating.

View Our Dog Friendly Reviews

In addition, we’re going to start writing other useful blog posts on dog and car related issues. These will include details of recommended dog safety and well-being accessories and equipment.

Dog friendly garage

Finally, we want to stress that we are a dog friendly garage so please feel free to bring your dog with you when you come and visit us. Also, your dog is welcome to accompany you on any test drive.

Dog Parking Available

However, if you don’t feel like taking your dog with on your test drive or you want to leave your dog somewhere whilst you view some of our cars then rest assured as we also offer complimentary dog parking, a doggie creche/play area and bowls of water and treats galore.

So, come on down and book a test drive now for you and your dog.