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A person’s best friend is often said to be his or her dog. At McCarthy Cars, we certainly believe this to be true. In fact, you might say that we are somewhat canine crazy – most, if not all, of our team owns a dog – and we are always pleased to meet new doggy pals.

There is a big correlation between our faithful four-legged friends and the cars that we drive. There are approximately nine million dogs in the UK, belonging to roughly a quarter of all households. Around three quarters of all such homesteads own an automobile, resulting in a great number of dogs travelling by car.

Whenever you visit us, you are more than welcome to bring your doggy with you. McCarthy Cars is 100 percent dog-friendly. Your favourite non-human can even accompany you on a test drive.

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If you want to peruse our vehicles without your dog, you can – we have a canine crèche and play area that features bowls of water, edible treats and toys.

Perhaps McCarthy Car’s biggest dog lover is Rob McCarthy, whose faithful Koyo passed away at the beginning of February, 2015, following a fight with cancer.

In order to memorialise Koyo – and demonstrate our dog-friendly credentials, we are rolling out a Dog Friendliness rating system for the cars that we sell. Whenever you see our Certified Dog-Friendly rosette (complete with a picture of Koyo), you will find an accompanying five-paw score, from one – ‘adequate’ to five – ‘as good as it gets’.

For example, using the two scales below a Volvo V70 would receive a Koyo Rosette plus a Large Four Paws rating, indicating that, we believe, it is one of the best type of cars for medium size of dogs.

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We also provide dog-friendly reviews for a number of car models, which you can read by clicking on the button below.

If one of our high-quality used cars interests you, please don’t hesitate to book your test drive – and bring your dog with you!

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However, if you don’t feel like taking your dog with on your test drive or you want to leave your dog somewhere whilst you view some of our cars then rest assured as we also offer complimentary dog parking, a doggie creche/play area and bowls of water and treats galore.

So, come on down and book a test drive now for you and your dog.