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At McCarthy Cars, we aim to support and care for our customers long after they drive away from the dealership. We provide a host of additional services, designed to help you customise and add value to your used vehicle.

Private plate sales

If you are interested in personalising your car with private registration plates, McCarthy Cars can provide a complete service. We have a great selection of personal plates to suit a range of budgets. All plates are supplied with a Retention Certificate and are ready to be transferred onto your vehicle. We also supply you with a free set of number plates with each registration.

Headrest display monitors

Keep passengers in the rear seats entertained no matter how long the journey by installing seven-inch screens in the headrests. We supply and fit headrest display monitors that are designed to reduce boredom in the back seats which can help lessen driver distractions. Each screen incorporates a built-in DVD player and games system that can be used independently from the other screen. We match your interior trim with a headrest display monitor that looks stylish and streamlined. When you purchase the system, two sets of wireless headphones are also included.

Roof mounted monitor

To ensure optimum entertainment for up to three people in the rear sets, consider a Clarion overhead system. McCarthy Cars can supply and fit the system, giving you an eight-inch monitor at the touch of a button. The monitor comes with an in-built DVD player and three sets of wireless headphones to ensure all passengers can make the most of it.

Leather interiors

Upgrade your upholstery to create a refined and comfortable environment for both driver and passengers. Enjoy the finest craftsmanship and choose from a full range of colours and grains.

All of our stitched leather meets the full manufacturer specification and OE standards to ensure you have a durable interior that continues to look and feel beautiful for years to come.


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If you are interested in taking advantage of any of our car services, email us at sales@mccarthycars.co.uk or call 020 8688 8086 to find out more and arrange an appointment. Alternatively, why not visit our dealerships in Croydon, London.


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