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Used Cars

Q: Can used cars be leased?

We do not offer lease options for used cars at the moment. Instead, you can benefit from another one of the convenient finance solutions we offer, such as Personal Contract Plan and Hire Purchase.

Q: Where can I buy used cars?

Although, traditionally, used cars can be bought directly from their previous owner, you can find used cars at most car dealerships nowadays. Buying from a dealer ensures that the car you purchase is checked and comes with a detailed history and a selection of finance options to choose from.

Q: Which used cars are selling best?

The popularity of used cars depends on multiple factors, such as running and maintenance costs, payable insurance tax, age and mileage. At McCarthy Cars you will find a host of popular choices, such as the VW Polo, Seat Leon, Ford Fiesta and Nissan Note.

Q: Are used cars reliable?

Most times, the reliability of a used car can be assessed from its service and general history, something which isn’t always readily available when buying straight from the owner. Each used car we stock comes with a detailed service history, and is maintained and repaired only with genuine parts, for your ease of mind.

Q: How do I find used cars near me?

You can find used cars for sale on various personal websites, as well as at various dealers. For increased certainty, you should opt for approved dealers only, as quality is very important in a used car. You can find McCarthy Cars in Croydon, London at one of our two locations in Mitcham Road.

Sell Your Car

Q: Can you sell your car to a dealership?

Yes, and it has become increasingly easy to do so. If you would like to sell your car to McCarthy Cars, you can either sell it for cash or part-exchange it for a different car. To obtain an accurate and fair estimate of your car’s value, use the simple and straightforward online valuation tool available on our website.

Q: Can you sell your car if it is on finance?

You cannot sell your car yourself if you are on a PCP or Hire Purchase finance scheme as you do not legally own the car. If you would like the right to sell it, you must first settle the finance agreement with the lender and then pay a settlement fee.

Q: When should you sell your car?

There is no specific time period in your car’s life that’s best suited for having it sold – some people trade in their car due to unsustainable maintenance costs or because they want some extra cash. If you have your eye set on a new car that you really want, though, it might be a good idea to consider switching it up.

Q: What do you need to sell your car?

Once you have found a person or dealership that will buy your car, you need to do a few bits of paperwork. This includes letting the DVLA know that you no longer own the car, giving the new buyer the relevant documentation, such as your car’s MOT certificates, receipts for work and logbook. You also have to let your insurer know that you no longer own it, as well as informing the company that looks after the warranty, if there is any left on the car.

Q: Where to sell your car for the most money?

Getting the right price for your car also necessitates having it valuated accordingly so that you will know the fair and accurate value of your car. You can do this on our website through the free and purposeful valuation tool.


Q: Can car finance be paid off early?

You can generally arrange for your car finance to be paid off early, or even return the car, if you are struggling to meet your payments or would simply like to cut costs. Doing so, though, is subject to conditions and costs, so it is important to know what they are before committing to the decision.

Q: Can car finance affect your mortgage?

In the event of having to take out a loan to finance your car purchase, your mortgage prospects might be affected due to the lender’s reluctance. As such, banks might lend far less money for a mortgage if you have outstanding car finance payments.

Q: Where to get car finance?

Car finance is usually provided by a company that can lend the money and set up the finance plan required by the customer – these companies and the dealer will usually be working in partnership to help buyers in purchasing their desired vehicle. You can quickly and easily check if you are eligible for car finance on our Finance Options page.

Q: Which car finance is best?

There is no objectively best finance option as each one operates differently and suits different needs. At McCarthy we offer flexible Personal Contract Purchase, Hire Purchase and Personal Loan options, with a choice of deposit and monthly payment amounts.