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Much enjoyment can be derived from a visit to a local car boot sale – you never know what you might find, and there’s every chance you’ll snaffle a real bargain.

Unless otherwise stated, each opens from 8am. Here are McCarthy Car’s pick of the best local car boot sales

There are two that are within easy walking distance of Croydon’s town centre. Ark Oval Primary School (CR0 6BA) is host to one of them, and opens every Saturday. The other is Crystal Palace Boot Fair (CR0 1TR), which is held on Sundays.

Roughly 1.5 miles away by road is Lloyd Park (CR0 5RA), upon which a car boot sale opens every Sunday from 7:30am.

Within four miles of the town centre are a trio of markets that are well worth a look, starting with Edenham High Car Boot Sale (CR0 7NJ), which has indoor and outdoor pitches.

Here, you can search for choice knick-knack on Sundays. Purley Indoor Boot Sale (CR8 3QQ) opens the last Saturday of each month, while Kenley Indoor Market (CR8 5AB) trades every Friday.

A little further afield but certainly easy to reach by car are three more boot sales. First up: Aca Indoor and Outdoor Market (CR0 0JB) opens to the public on Thursdays. Timebridge Boot Market (CR0 9AZ) typically trades every Tuesday, and purchases can be made from 7:30am.

Last but not least, Caterham Village Boot Sale (CR3 5QX) normally operates on the last Sunday of each month, from 4:30pm.

Please note, the availability of each market, and opening days and times, are correct at time of writing. If you find otherwise, please let us know and we’ll amend this information accordingly.