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Overall paw score: 4 out of 5.

Boot area

A minimum-capacity 498-litre boot space is decent for a vehicle of this type, ensuring that the Wrangler can comfortably accommodate a single large hound, or a pair of smaller dogs.

One of many useful Wrangler features is a nearside sliding door, which provides an additional point of access for your pet. This is particularly useful if you are parked in a tight spot. The vehicle features under-floor stowage too – perfect for keeping all manner of doggy accessories in one place. Furthermore, the car’s carpeted boot floor can be removed to facilitate easy cleaning. The boot floor is quite high, however, which might present an access problem for smaller, less mobile dogs.


The car features rear ventilation, ensuring that your pet can remain suitably cool on hot summer days. Some models are fitted with privacy glass too, which helps keep the internal temperature during sustained sunny spells. If the particular Wrangler variant that you are considering doesn’t come with privacy glass, please let us know, because it’s possible to add this feature to the rear of a vehicle.