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To each driver, ‘premium’ means something a little different. It may be the quality of the design and upholstery, the range of technology features, or the detail in the finishes. As such, the variety of vehicles you can discover is impressively wide.

Below is an evaluation of premium hatchbacks on sale now to help you make up your mind. Many of them can be chosen as three-door or five-door cars, increasing your choices.

Audi A3

Audi is a name synonymous with premium quality. Both the exterior and interior designs showcase the manufacturer’s precise attention to detail. On the inside, it beats much more expensive cars for feel and quality. Standard equipment is generous and extensive. The A3 also provides a larger luggage space than several of its rivals. In motion, Audi engineering results in a smooth and efficient drive.

BMW 1 Series

Rear-wheel drive gives the 1 Series the edge in motion, as it feels more grounded and confident than rival front-wheel drive cars. It is the only model in this comparison to give you the RWD option. Other advantages of the BMW 1 Series include navigation, the iDrive infotainment system, and Bluetooth connectivity as standard. As the vehicle has several individual features, it sits nearer the top of the pricing range in the segment.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

In premium segments, Mercedes-Benz frequently contests both Audi and BMW for the top spot. Choose the A-Class for a sense of MPV space and capability. It feels roomy, and the practicality of the interior layout makes driving feel simple. Every petrol and diesel engine offered for the Mercedes-Benz model is turbocharged for added enthusiasm.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The Giulietta’s engine range combines power with energy-saving technology. As a result, its efficiency is as attractive as the body style. It has an effortlessly contemporary look – the Giulietta makes a professional and reliable business car. Handling is smooth and intuitive, with reliable power generated by one of four potent Alfa Romeo engines. You have the choice between petrol and diesel, and efficiency is good across the range.

Volkswagen Golf

Understated looks mean there is always more to a Volkswagen than meets the eye. The Golf has a strong reputation as a family car, putting it closer to the ‘budget’ end of the premium range. It has a similar amount of interior space to the Audi, with greater accessibility via a wider and lower boot lid. Supercharging for the Golf’s 1.4-litre petrol engine keeps it agile.

Volvo V40

A stand-out feature of any Volvo is the safety level. The V40 set a new record high score when it was tested by Euro NCAP in 2012. Industry reviewers have praised the car as a stylish alternative to the practical Golf. It feels slightly more compact on the inside than some rivals, yet uses the space to provide a variety of infotainment features.

To choose your next car, visit a McCarthy Cars dealership. We provide a wide range of Approved Used cars – including models from Volvo, Audi, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volkswagen. Get in touch with the team in Croydon today.