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Driving your car daily can be expensive! We know what it’s like, you find your dream car, perhaps spend more than you had hoped to, then you have to add in road tax, insurance, and other extras. Once it’s on the road, there are likely to be some small repairs to do, and the cost can add up. Fuel may even burn through your budget if you’re still getting used to your new vehicle. But what if there was a way to keep that fuel bill down?

The first thing to consider is to keep your speed down on motorways. The way that most cars are built, they are at their most fuel-efficient when driving around 55mph. If we all observed that speed limit, then we’d be a lot safer on the motorway.

You should also think twice about some of the fuel-saving methods you may already be using. While auto stop-start cars are on the whole a good thing, stopping and starting your car repeatedly in a traffic jam can also end up burning more fuel. If while driving, you’re likely to move again within three minutes or so, keep the car running.

Neoman have done their research and provided a new infographic, which gathers 13 fuel-conserving tips into one easy to use resource. Practice these money-saving tips daily, and you’ll soon see your fuel bill plummet!