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As we’ve been experiencing some rather chilly weather lately, at McCarthy Cars, we’ve been thinking about the essentials you’d need if you were travelling in snow. Here’s a list of items we’d make sure we have in our car:

Sunglasses – the glare from snow can be very strong indeed, particularly when the sun is low.
A high-visibility jacket – you’ll need to ensure that you can be seen by other motorists if you leave the car.
Strong-gripping boots – to prevent you from slipping as you try to get your car going again.
A pair of reflective warning signs – set these up at the front and rear of your car, alerting motorists to your presence.
Ice scraper and de-icer – self-explanatory must-haves.
A shovel – for digging out any snow that settles around the car – the tyres, in particular.
A torch (complete with spare batteries) – if natural light fails, you’ll need to see what you’re doing.
Phone charger – portable versions are readily available and very affordable – and a real life-saver when your phone’s battery is low.
Warm clothes and blankets – don’t get caught out by the cold weather, particularly if you have to wait in your car for breakdown assistance.
Food and drink – you’ll need to say hydrated, and you won’t want to go hungry if you’re stuck for some time.
A first-aid kit – in case of vehicular impact, or accidents caused by slipping on ice.
Jump-start cables – so long as you know how to use them, these might just get your car going again.
An empty fuel can – if your car runs out of petrol or diesel, an empty can is useful for transporting fuel from a nearby gas station.
A road atlas – a good, old-fashioned map is just what you need if your phone has no signal, or the satellite navigation is on the blink.
Red car in snow