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Boot area

While the Volkswagen Golf is a very human-friendly car, it is perhaps not as canine-compatible as might be desired. A 380-litre boot is fine for smaller dogs – or medium-size breeds, when travelling relatively short distances. (Having said that, in two-seat mode, boot capacity can be increased to 1,270 litres.) Furthermore, the angle of rear seats and tailgate means that boot space is encroached upon. It’s also worth bearing in mind, that, being a hatchback, the Golf’s rear visibility is not the best.

The height of the car’s rear bumper might provide an obstacle for less mobile dogs. There’s a bit of a drop onto the boot floor too, which could also hamper access for some pets.

There is no scratch-resistant step, either, which means that the rear bumper could be damaged whenever a dog scurries in and out of the car. However, a removable, carpeted boot floor does make cleaning simple.

Ventilation and cooling

The vehicle isn’t fitted with a rear window or rear ventilation, so keeping your pet cool on long, hot trips could well be an issue.

Securing your dog

Although the Golf comes with two sturdy tie-down loops, the boot shape isn’t particularly conducive to securing a dog cage. However, the vehicle’s high-backed rear seats (complete with head restraints) make the boot a suitable space for accommodating an animal on a temporary basis. Depending on how often your dog travels with you, this could mean that a pet guard might not be necessary.

A button positioned on the car’s B-pillar (located between driver and rear passenger) will deactivate the interior sensors. This will allow you to make a brief visit to a shop, without your dog setting off the alarm.

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Disclaimer: This review is to be taken only as our opinion of the suitability of the car for dog owners and their pets rather than fact, advice, or counsel. Moreover, exact details and specifications may differ across the different models of cars referred to in the review. Finally, we, and the manufacturers of the cars, are not to be held responsible or liable in any way for the opinions voiced in this review.