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No matter what colour your car is on the outside, it can be greener on the inside with these efficient motoring tips. The advice below applies to new vehicles and Approved Used cars, and you can buy pre-owned models from McCarthy Cars in south London today.

Choose an electric car or hybrid

Vehicles either partially or fully powered by electricity deliver higher fuel economy figures overall. A diesel-electric hybrid will also be more efficient than a petrol-electric hybrid.

Buy a car for the green features

In some cases, it is possible to tell whether a model will be economical just by looking at it. The following equipment and features on a car are likely to save you fuel in the long term:


  • a start/stop engine system
  • regenerative braking
  • low rolling resistance tyres
  • an aerodynamic body shape


Plan ahead to save fuel

Check traffic and roadworks alerts online in advance of your journey to find out whether you need to take a detour. While roads may be clear now, watch out for closures at the time you intend to drive.

Investing in a satellite navigation system could also create savings over time, as it will automatically divert you away from congestion and problem roads.

Learn to drive more economically

Smooth use of the accelerator and brake pedals will save fuel and wasted energy. A heavy foot could mean you use up to 30 percent more fuel on each drive.

It is also important to maintain safe speeds wherever you travel. Rushing through traffic lights and around corners is extremely dangerous, and it’s not an efficient way to get around. Driving at more than 70mph uses more fuel, and at above 60mph your car also releases higher levels of CO2 emissions.

Get in touch for even more specialist advice on driving economically. Call, visit us in Croydon, or make an online enquiry.