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Essential Winter Maintenance


Here are our five top tips to keep your car in great condition over the winter:

  1. Windscreen wipers – wipers have a shorter life than you might expect but are key to making sure that you can see clearly, particularly on wet and dark days. So, if you see any signs of streaking on your windscreen have your wiper blades checked and replace them if needs be.
  2. Tyres – as the roads get wetter, dirtier and slippery in the winter months it is essential that we check our tyres to make sure that they are well inflated and have enough tread so they give us the grip and stopping power we need.
  3. Battery – car batteries lose more power when temperatures drop and are one of the leading causes of breakdown over the winter. So, if you find that it takes a few goes to get your car going in the morning, that could be a sign that your battery may be on it’s way out. Get it checked and, if you need to, replace it as soon as possible.
  4. Fluids – make sure you check and top up your reservoirs with antifreeze and windshield fluids on a regular basis. Residue from wet and dirty roads make it hard to see making driving safely more difficult.
  5. Belts and hoses – modern cars have all sorts of belts and hoses in them. Moreover, lower temperatures over the winter can increase their normal rate of wear and tear. Therefore, check your belts and hoses and, if you see cracks appearing in the rubber, it’s time to replace them.

Extra tip: Not looking after your car can be a costly business even if you have a warranty policy in place. Also, it’s important to note that many warranties will not cover the cost of replacing parts due to wear and tear. Therefore, we would recommend putting aside a few pounds every month to help with the cost of your for wear and tear repairs.

We hope that you find these tips useful.

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