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We’re great fans of de-cluttering cars as it helps with driving performance and fuel economy. However, in the last few weeks we’ve had a lot of snowy weather and have heard lots of reports of drivers getting stuck in snow or getting stuck in traffic for hours after it has been held up by the snowy conditions. The snow may behind us but it may come back again. As a result, we think there are a few essential things that you should consider having in the car, during the coming months, just in case you do get stuck in snow or stranded in your car:

  • A blanket to keep you warm inside the car when the engine is turned off;
  • A warm and waterproof coat to help you stay warm and dry if you don’t have a blanket or you need to venture outside;
  • An in-car phone charger so that you can keep your phone charged and still able to make emergency calls;
  • A big bottle of water kept in the car and not in the boot as it’s easier to get to and less likely to freeze; and
  • Some non-perishable or long lasting food, like flapjacks, cereal bars or dried fruit, to help keep your energy levels up and hunger pangs at bay.

I hope that you found these tips helpful.