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The weather has changed and we should start getting ready for a sustained cold period. With that in mind, here’s a couple of things to think about:

  • The best temperature to aim for in the car is ‘room’ temperature, which is around 21 degrees C. Warmer than that can make you sleepy, lethargic and less alert and colder than that can make driving uncomfortable. If you don’t have a temperature gauge in the car then there are some cheap alternatives around and having one in the car is a good idea.
  • Sturdy shoes and boots are good for keeping your feet warm but they are not good for driving in as they can impair your ability to work the pedals. If you do find yourself wearing sturdy shoes or boots then consider taking along slippers or a pair of thin-soled trainers to change into when you are driving.
  • Similarly, try not to wear bulky jackets or coats when driving as it can restrict your movement. One thing to do is to let the inside of the car warm up before you start your journey allowing you to take off any bulky items of clothing before you start driving.
  • Also, wearing gloves when getting into and starting the car is ok but try not to use big woolly or thick gloves when driving as it’ll reduce the amount of ‘feel’ that you have for the car and what is happening underneath you.
  • Wearing a hat inside the car is great for staying warm but only if it doesn’t obscure your vision or cover your ears.
  • Consider having an emergency kit in the car in case you get stuck in snow and get stranded in the car.
  • Finally and related to that, try and keep the music or radio down low when conditions get bad as it’ll help you hear what’s happening with your car on the road and and also what’s happening around you. That also means no earphones or headphones at any time. It’s just safer.

I hope that you found these tips and reminders helpful.