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Here’s three really smart shortcuts or ‘hacks’ (in modern parlance) related to car care/use that we think you will like:

1. Remembering Which Side The Fuel Cap Is On

Have you ever been in a new car, or a hire car, and you’ve forgotten which side the fuel cap is on when pulling up to a service station? Well, take a look at your fuel gauge and next to the picture of the pump there should be a little arrow indicating which side the fuel cap is on (like the one in the picture on the right).

2. Where Did We Park The Car?

Ever been in that situation where you you’ve gone to a really big shopping centre or a concert or a really popular car boot sale and when you are about to leave you can’t remember where you have parked the car? This can be particularly tricky and annoying when it’s dark. Well, given that most people now have smartphones, ‘drop a pin’ in your smartphone’s map application when you initially park the car. That way you can use it to help you find your way back to your car when you are done.

3. Protect Your Car When Parking In Your Garage

Parking your car in the garage at home can be the source of all sorts of bumps and scrapes and, sometimes, that can be the reason that many people don’t use their garages……..they’re too frightened of bumping or scratching their car doors when they get out of the car. Here’s a couple of quick fixes that will help make parking in your garage easier and safer. First, get some foam pipe insulation that you would normally use for pipe-lagging, cut it in half and fix it to the internal side walls of your garage at the same height as your car door. Next, take an old tennis ball and hang it from a piece of string at the back of the garage to act as a parking guide so that you know when your car is approaching the back of the garage.

We hope that you found these tips helpful.