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Now that the clocks have changed and the days are getting longer, there is an increased likelihood that fog will start appearing in the morning.

Now, we all know that driving in foggy conditions can be extremely hazardous so here are a few extra tips that will help you stay safer on the roads:

  • First, always use your lights when it is foggy as it will help you see and be seen more easily by other drivers.
  • However, if you find yourself driving in fog don’t assume that switching your lights onto their brightest setting will mean that it will help you see more. In fact, doing that may in fact reduce your visibility as fog can tend to reflect light.
  • Don’t use your fog lights unless visibility is very much reduced as they can dazzle other drivers as well as obscuring your brake lights and, possibly, your indicators too.
  • But, always remember to switch off your fog lights when visibility improves (Check out what Rule 236 of The Highway Code says). If you don’t then you can run the risk of being pulled over by the Police.
  • Finally, use your wipers and your demister to make sure that your front and rear windscreens stay clear too.

Overall, in foggy conditions, the best things to do are slow down, watch your distance and be smart about how you use your lights.

We hope that you found these tips helpful.