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Have you ever seen or have experienced the following type of scenario:

  • A car in front slams on its brakes for no obvious reason giving the car behind (the victim) no time to react, brake or prevent a collision.
  • The driver of the car in front gets out of their car and insists it is the victim’s fault. They then proceed to give them their name and address and the details of their insurance company. Be wary if someone produces their details very quickly, particularly if they have them already written down on a piece of paper.
  • A few weeks later the victim receives a letter from their insurance company telling them that someone has put in a hugely exaggerated claim against them which covers all sorts of repairs, recovery vehicles, hire cars and medical costs associated with whiplash injuries to all passengers.

If you have seen this happen or it is has happened to you then there is a possibility that you have been the victim of a cash-for-crash fraud.

To avoid scams like these here’s some tips to that will help you steer clear of these fraudsters:

  • Always be alert to the traffic around you.
  • Don’t drive too close to the car in front. This scenario gives greater meaning to the phrase “Keep Your Distance”.
  • Pay particular attention to roundabouts and slip roads. These sort of areas are popular places to induce these sort of accidents.
  • There are often two cars in on the scam so keep an eye out not just the car in front but the car in front of that one too.
  • Keep an eye on the brake lights of the car in front. If they are not working then keep your distance and be cautious about the car in front.
  • Is the driver in front driving erratically, focusing on the back of their vehicle or speeding up/slowing down rapidly….. all of these could be signs of a driver that is looking to induce an accident.
  • Are the passengers in the car in front turning round and looking at you and your car for no particular reason? If they are they may be looking for an opportunity to induce an accident.

Does the car in front look like it has damage to its rear? If so, then be extra cautious around this car.

We hope that you found these tips helpful.