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Your brakes are made up of lots of different rotating parts as well as drums or discs, cables and hydraulics. Many of these parts are exposed to the elements so it’s important to key an ‘eye’ on their health and condition to ensure continued safe driving. Therefore, here’s a few tell-tale signs that will help you understand whether or not you need to get your car booked in for a brake service:

  • You hear a grinding noise when you apply the brakes – this could mean that your brake pads are worn and need replacing. If you do hear this then get your brakes checked as soon as possible. Please do this quickly and before you do any damage to your brake discs, which will be even more expensive to replace.
  • Your car pulls to the left or right when braking – if this happens it can signify a mechanical or hydraulic part that may be sticking or may even have seized. If this is happening, get your brakes checked out as soon as possible.
  • You feel a “pulsing” feeling through the brake pedal or the brake feels very “spongy” when used – the “pulsing” could mean that you have a distorted disc or drum. The “spongy” feeling could point to air in the hydraulic system, possibly due to a brake fluid leak. If you experience either of these, get your brakes checked immediately.
  • Finally, your handbrake is pulling up higher than normal – This is a general indicator and could imply a stretched cable or that your brakes are worn. Either way, it is worth getting your brakes checked out as quickly as possible.

Are you noticing any of these symptoms? If you are, give us a call on 020 8688 8086 and we’ll be happy to book your car in for a brake service.

We hope that you find these tips useful.

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