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Visibility in winter is not great. Therefore, we have to concentrate on making sure that we are seen but that we can also see, as much as possible, what is going on around us.

This can be helped by reducing the “blind spots” on your car. These are the areas, generally over your left and right shoulders, that can be invisible to you via your wing mirrors.

However, this area can be reduced by careful adjustment of your wing mirrors. Many people have their wing mirrors adjusted to contain a small part of the side of their car. This is a mistake and causes a possible overlap between the wing mirrors and the rear view mirror.

The best way to set up your wing mirrors is to adjust them carefully so that they contain no part of your own car. The way to do this is to angle them away from your car gradually until you reach the point that you can no longer see your car in your wing mirrors. Doing so will eliminate the overlap between your wing mirrors and your rear view mirror and will, thus, reduce your “blind spots.”

We hope that you find these tips useful.

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