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There is nothing worse than setting off on a long trip and realising that you have forgotten something crucial, whether it’s turning off the stove or setting the set-top box to record EastEnders.

It is also vital that you carry out some simple checks on your vehicle beforehand, in order to ensure that everything is ready before you embark on your journey. Here are five key things to look out for.

1. Fuel

It might sound obvious but have you checked that your vehicle has enough petrol or diesel to at least see it through to the first service station? The last thing you want to do is run out of fuel on a motorway or an isolated country lane. Finding yourself running on empty can be hazardous to you and other road users, too.

2. Oil

Another vital fluid is oil. Have you checked your oil level? It’s a simple task that doesn’t take long, but forgetting to do it means that you may not have a properly-lubricated engine, something that can cause long-term damage. So check your oil level before going on a long journey.

3. Windscreen washer fluid

Liquid number three – windscreen washer fluid – needs to be topped up on a regular basis, and particularly before a lengthy road trip. Ensuring that your windscreen is clear and free from grime is essential, particularly if you are spending hours behind the wheel trying to see the way ahead clearly.

4. Tyres

Your vehicle probably won’t get very far if your tyres are worn. More importantly, less-than-perfect tyres are a safety risk that threatens you, your fellow passengers, other road users and, potentially, pedestrians. Always check the pressure of each tyre and ensure that the tread depth is within legal limits to ensure a safer journey.

5. Lights

If you set off on your journey when natural light is good, then checking whether your lights are in order isn’t necessarily something that comes to mind. Before you leave, test your headlights and brakes so that you know they are in working order. You will need to see the road ahead when it gets dark, stay safe in foggy conditions and road users behind you will also need to know when you are braking.

Following these simple tips will keep you safe, make your journey as stress-free as possible and extend the life of your vehicle.

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