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The summer is one of the best times to carry out extensive checks and maintenance on your car – whether it is brand new or Approved Used.

Good weather and longer sunlight hours give you more chances to inspect the vehicle and have work done. Warmer days also help recently-washed materials and surfaces to dry. So make sure to check your car in spring followed by summer maintenance!

Some important car systems and features to check in summer include:


  • Tyres – Routinely checking the tread and pressure of each tyre is something you should do all year round. Hot weather can cause tarmac to stick to the tyre, and when removing this you can check for punctures and foreign objects as you go.


  • Battery – Warming up the car and keeping the interior temperature comfortable in winter puts extra strain on the battery. In summer, have a battery test done to confirm the car has enough power.


  • Paintwork – Good light will show up any scuffs, scratches, chips and other damage to the bodywork.


  • Air conditioning – This becomes one of the most vital systems in your car during the summer months. It should be tested by a qualified technician – book in for servicing with us now.


  • Coolant – The fluid keeps your engine at a safe temperature, and needs to be checked and topped up regularly.


  • All other fluids – Engine coolant is only one of the liquids your vehicle uses to keep running. Take time to check the levels of brake fluid, power steering fluid, engine oil, windscreen wash, etc.


  • Windscreen – As with anything on the body of your car, in bright summer light the dust and dirt on the windscreen will really show. Increase the effectiveness of the screenwash and wipers by cleaning the wiper blades.



Keep your car running smoothly with expert assistance from the McCarthy Cars team. We are based in Croydon, supporting drivers throughout south London, so contact us about seasonal car maintenance today.

If you’re looking to service your car this summer, then contact our team for a service and maintenance appointment.