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As you might expect, we at McCarthy Cars are excited by all things automotive. So, when we learned about the forthcoming illustrated talk at Crystal Palace Museum – entitled Motorsport in the Park – we couldn’t wait to bring you news of this fascinating event.

Over the years, the Crystal Palace has played host to a number of thrilling and memorable motorsports events, ranging from the pulse-racing excitement of Formula 1 to more eclectic exhibitions such as motorcycle football. With this illustrated talk, you will have the opportunity to learn more about such intriguing events and take a glimpse into the past.

The talk, which takes place at Crystal Palace Museum at 7pm on Tuesday 19 March 2019, will last approximately 45 minutes, and will undoubtedly excite and entertain in ways that past events used to. Book your tickets today for just £5.

If the Motorsport in the Park illustrated talk whets your appetite for a new used car, make sure you pay a visit to McCarthy Cars in Croydon soon. We offer an array of models for you to test drive, and regularly introduce money saving special offers that help your money stretch further than ever.