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There are several smart ways to purchase a car that offers all the benefits of driving a brand new vehicle but is significantly more affordable. Pre-registered and nearly new models offer a significant discount compared to the list price of the brand new model. But where do these cars come from?


A pre-registered car is one that the dealer has bought from the manufacturer in a batch and registered it themselves. That means that if you buy a pre-registered car, you will be the second registered owner of your car in the official documents. Many of the pre-registered cars available at McCarthy Cars offer significant savings against the list price and have only the delivery mileage on the clock.

Some pre-registered cars have also been used as demonstration models in the dealership, to give prospective buyers the chance to test drive the model. Pre-registered cars which are also ex-demo models are even more affordable to reflect the higher mileage. We thoroughly check all cars before sale to make sure that no unreasonable wear and tear has occurred during the car’s time as a demonstration model.

Bear in mind that buying a pre-registered model can sometimes affect the re-sale value as you cannot list the car as having had ‘one careful owner’. However, the registration documents will show that the first owner was in fact McCarthy Cars, so you can explain to potential buyers that you bought the car in a nearly new condition.


A nearly new car has not been pre-registered, so you will be the first owner on the registration documents. However, the nearly new cars we offer are significantly cheaper than buying a brand new car. Many have been used as demonstration models for prospective customers who want to take the model for a test drive. Some have also been used as courtesy cars for customers whose cars are off the road being serviced or repaired.

This means that nearly new cars have more miles on the clock and a considerable level of use. We always sell nearly new cars in great condition and check each one thoroughly for signs of wear and tear. If the car is several months old and therefore several months into its warranty, this will also be reflected in the level of discount against the list price.


There is a good selection of pre-registered and nearly new cars on sale at our dealership in Croydon and you can browse the range online. The models we have in stock change regularly and these great value cars are in high demand, so if you see one that interests you we suggest you get in touch as soon as possible. Please enquire via the website by filling out the contact form or phone us during opening hours to speak to a member of the team directly.