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Dog friendly rating: Honda CR-V

The following is our review, accompanying notes and dog friendliness rating for the Honda CR-V:

Dog Friendly Features

Boot space/head height

The Honda CR-V is a surprising car. On first look you may think that it would best suit a medium sized dog.

However, the Honda CR-V is surprisingly spacious and equipped with a few added features that make it big enough for a large dog. This is due to the fact that that it has a set sliding seats in the rear which allows drivers to significantly adjust the size of the boot area.

In addition, the CR-V compared to other cars in its class is quite low to the ground and so this makes entry and exit to the boot area of the car pretty easy for most dogs.

Rear window/other cooling

These cars tend to come with privacy glass around the rear of the car which will go a long way to keeping the boot area of the car cool on hot and sunny days.

Certified Dog Friendly
Honda CR-V Exterior
Honda CR-V Boot
Honda CR-V Exterior
Actual boot floor height

Given that height of the boot floor, this car is ideal for everyday use. It’s further helped by the fact that the floor is flush with the rear door thus making access easy for the majority of dogs.

Safety tie downs for dog cages

Despite it’s large and adjustable boot size, the Honda CR-V does not come equipped with sturdy tie-downs in the rear boot space. This is unfortunate as it means that if a dog cage is used it cannot be secured safely in place. The best thing to do in this situation is to make sure that you adjust the position of the seats such that if you do use a dog cage it fits snugly between the rear seats and the inside of the rear door and that helps keep it in place.

Dog guards

There are lots of different options available for dog guards for these cars depending on your budget and the size of your pet. Ask us for details and recommendations.

Washable removable boot carpet floor

The boot is carpeted but the floor is removable making it easy to clean.

Unlike some other cars the Honda CR-V alarm system doesn’t allow you to turn off the internal sensor via a button on the dash. However, what you can do is lock the car using just the key. This won’t activate the alarm but it will mean that the car will be locked and there is no danger of your dog setting off the alarm when you pop into the shop. However, always think twice about leaving your dog in the car. We strongly advise not keeping your pets locked in hot cars!!!!

Honda CR-V Boot Floor
Paw rating

Overall dog friendliness score

The Honda CR-V rates very well on our dog-friendliness scale. As a result, we give this car a Paw-rating of 4 out of 5 for medium to large sized dogs. This is a very flexible car and can cope with bigger dogs than most in its class due to it’s movable rear seats. Therefore, it would be suitable for a medium sized dog or even larger sized dog, such as a Labrador or a German Shepherd.

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Disclaimer: This review is to be taken only as our opinion of the suitability of the car for dog owners and their pets rather than fact, advice, or counsel. Moreover, exact details and specifications may differ across the different models of cars referred to in the review. Finally, we, and the manufacturers of the cars, are not to be held responsible or liable in any way for the opinions voiced in this review.