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Dog friendly rating: Toyota Rav4

The following is our review, accompanying notes and dog friendliness rating for the Toyota Rav4:

Dog Friendly Features

Boot space/head height

When it comes to dogs, the Toyota Rav4 is a very flexible car and offers a rear boot space that is good for both medium sized and large sized dogs. In addition, the rake on the rear seats can be adjusted allowing the creation of additional boot space.

Finally, and unique to this car, is a side opening rear door which when parked on the left had side of the road could help with easy and safer entry and exit from the car for your dog if you find yourself parked on a busy road.

Rear window/other cooling

Some models do come with privacy glass around the rear of the car which will go a long way to keeping the boot area of the car cool on hot and sunny days. However, if yours doesn't speak to our team about adding privacy glass around the rear of the car.

Certified Dog Friendly
Toyota Rav4 Exterior
Toyota Rav4 Boot
Toyota Rav4 Exterior
Actual boot floor height

The design of this car is very different from its competitors as it has a flat floor and a low load sill thus making the entrance to the boot area easy for most sizes of dogs.

Safety tie downs for dog cages

The Toyota Rav4 comes with an abundance of tie downs in the rear boot space (6 in all: 2 metal and 4 plastic) meaning that it is equipped for all eventualities and that a dog cage can used and secured safely in place.

Dog guards

There are lots of different options available for dog guards for these cars depending on your budget and the size of your pet. Ask us for details and recommendations.

Washable removable boot carpet floor

The boot is carpeted and the floor is removable making it easy to clean. It also comes with loads of under floor storage suitable for poo-bags, leashes and toys etc.


A very useful feature of the Rav4 is the ease at which you can turn off the interior sensor for your car alarm. The internal alarm on this car be turned off via an internal function on the car’s dashboard. So, if you do have to pop to the shop and have to leave your pet in the car then you can do so knowing that they will not set off the alarm when you are queuing up to pay. However, please be aware we strongly advise not keeping your pets locked in hot cars!!!!

Toyota Rav4 Boot Floor
Paw rating

Overall dog friendliness score

Whilst the Rav4 does not have as much boot space as the Honda CR-V it does come with more under floor storage and a number of sturdy tie-downs. Therefore, in our opinion, when it comes to dog friendliness, these cars rate very well on our rating scale and earn a Paw-rating of 4.5 out of 5 for medium to large sized dogs.

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Disclaimer: This review is to be taken only as our opinion of the suitability of the car for dog owners and their pets rather than fact, advice, or counsel. Moreover, exact details and specifications may differ across the different models of cars referred to in the review. Finally, we, and the manufacturers of the cars, are not to be held responsible or liable in any way for the opinions voiced in this review.