Top 5 Common Used Car Buying Problems | McCarthy Cars

​Typical used car buying problems – and how to overcome them

It goes without saying that a used car costs less than its brand-new counterpart. However, this doesn’t always mean that it will represent better value for money. For instance, you might buy a used car for £300, but if it has a failing engine and it’s falling apart, it’s not going to serve much purpose.

At McCarthy Cars, each of our used car models has been carefully selected, rigorously tested and diligently prepared. If a vehicle doesn’t meet with our exacting standards, it won’t make it onto our forecourt.

Here are five common problems encountered when purchasing a used car – and why buying from McCarthy Cars is always a wise decision:

Is the car I’m buying legitimate?

× Purchasing a vehicle privately presents all kinds of risks. For example, the car might still have outstanding debt owing on it, or the seller might not even be the legal owner. 

 At McCarthy Cars we run thorough HPI (Hire Purchase Investigation) checks to make sure that any given vehicle can legally be resold. We also complete NMR (National Mileage Register) checks in order to authenticate that all accompanying information we provide is completely accurate.


Does it represent the best value?

× Think you’ve found the best possible deal? That’s a great feeling, isn’t it? What isn’t so good is discovering that the equivalent model was actually available cheaper elsewhere.

 At McCarthy Cars, we offer extremely competitive pricing. Moreover, our flexible finance options make car ownership as affordable as possible. Whatever your budget, we have a solution that will allow you to spread the cost. It’s with good reason, after all, that we were declared the UK’s Most Loved Car Dealership in 2012 and 2013.

Will my used car purchase be costly to repair?

× It’s all very well securing a great deal on a previously owned vehicle, but what if it soon develops a fault – or a previously unnoticed issue comes to light? In either scenario, who knows how much the ensuing repair bill might be?

 Happily, our expert technical crew test and prepare each of our vehicles using RAC’s 82-point criteria. We provide a minimum three-month warranty too. Furthermore, thanks to our

Motor Codes membership, we adhere to a strict programme of repair and maintenance standards. If you encounter an unforeseen issue, you will be protected.

Can I be certain my insurance premium won’t be affected?

× A used car sold privately might not come with the correct documentation. Even if it does, there’s no way to be sure that it is validated. Moreover, if your automotive purchase was previously involved in a serious accident – and that information was withheld from you, it could have a significant effect on your insurance premium.

 Thankfully, our exhaustive background checking procedure and comprehensive testing will bring to light any signs of damage, no matter how well-concealed. What’s more, we are recognised by the majority of insurers through the UK.

Is my warranty valid?

× If you buy a car privately, you will not be provided with a warranty – and not every dealership offers them.

 At McCarthy Cars, our vehicles are not only fully serviced, they come with an MOT certificate and are RAC Parts and Labour warranted. Whenever you want to take advantage of the warranty, simply take your vehicle to any UK-based, VAT-registered garage to enjoy free repairs.

There are plenty more reasons why buying a used car from McCarthy Cars is always a sound move. For further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.