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For many people, buying a used car can be a fun and rewarding experience. For others, meanwhile, the entire process can be one that is hugely stressful, with indecision and concerns over quality leading to an anxiety-ridden experience. To help alleviate any such concerns, we’re delighted to provide details on how to buy a used… continue


The clocks have now changed and the colder weather is well on its way. Drivers know that cold weather and batteries often don’t go well together and it can be much harder to start your car, particularly if the car has been sat outside overnight. The reason this happens is that, as it gets colder,… continue

Visibility in winter is not great. Therefore, we have to concentrate on making sure that we are seen but that we can also see, as much as possible, what is going on around us. This can be helped by reducing the “blind spots” on your car. These are the areas, generally over your left and… continue

Your brakes are made up of lots of different rotating parts as well as drums or discs, cables and hydraulics. Many of these parts are exposed to the elements so it’s important to key an ‘eye’ on their health and condition to ensure continued safe driving. Therefore, here’s a few tell-tale signs that will help… continue

Sometimes we don’t pay as much attention as we should to the little things. But, a lot of little things/changes can help us make big savings if we put them into action. Here’s a list of little things that we’ve come up with that will help you reduce your fuel costs: Are you carrying or… continue

Have you ever seen or have experienced the following type of scenario: A car in front slams on its brakes for no obvious reason giving the car behind (the victim) no time to react, brake or prevent a collision. The driver of the car in front gets out of their car and insists it is… continue

There are all kinds of ways to keep your car in better condition and prolong the lifespan of various components. Many of these are not widely known about, but they cost very little and can make a huge difference to how much you will need to pay in repair costs. Here are some of our… continue

The reliable running of your car is ensured by the engineering, safety features, and the fluid levels. These include the oil, screenwash, brake fluid, coolant, and more. Make sure you know how to test the level of each fluid, when to change or top it up, and how to do all of that safely. Engine… continue

Keeping your car clean on the inside is just as important as maintaining the bodywork and wheels. It improves more than just the appearance – a tidy, uncluttered interior means a lower likelihood of damage to the upholstery and vents. The key is to clear up regularly and often. When dirt and rubbish start to… continue