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At McCarthy Cars, we are always thinking of ways to deliver an enhanced motoring experience. One way in which we are able to do so is with our myriad driving hacks that can make time spent behind the wheel as fulfilling as possible.

We cover a range of day-to-day motoring tips, such as the pros and cons of choosing a nearly new car, and how to keep your vehicle in the best possible shape. We also look at 13 ways to conserve fuel, and offer advice on how to stay alert when driving, particularly during long journeys.

We tackle all kinds of motoring scenarios, such as travelling within cities, and the best ways to combat foggy conditions.

We look at the fun side of motoring too. There’s nothing better than taking family or friends on holiday in the car, and we provide helpful advice to make each excursion run smoothly. There’s a lot to consider when taking your car abroad. We provide tips on driving in mainland Europe, and the essential documentation you’ll need to bring with you.

We’re just scratching the surface here, so please scroll down the page and click on any or all links to learn more.

The team at McCarthy Cars is available seven days a week – please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any motoring-related questions.